Everyday in May 07 (cont): T2 people

May 7, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Anita was certain, that after my resolution to only do one spread per day, I would still do two today! Well, she was right… and wrong. I did 3!! (In fact there is another 3/4 completed sketch in my daily sketchbook of the cup, saucer and pots from tonight’s cuppa after late night shopping!… as people are taking priority I took a photo of my cup in order to finish this page tomorrow!)

There is no doubt that determination and practice is helping me… the total fear is not there anymore… but I am still realizing that there is still some left brain interference- especially with the profile! (the floating lemon tart is hiding the evidence of this!)

And I did this one just before everyone left… amazing how eccentric you feel when you write down your thoughts…you then feel like you were actually having a conversation with yourself.
I LOVE this tearoom (as you all know) but it is a pity that so many objects in it are black… and now that we are heading towards winter most of the people are wearing black.

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