EDiM2011-03: Exercise?

May 3, 2011 | 2 Comments

Firstly, there is no good reason for the sudden appearance of a tea cup sketch on today’s spread except that I am feeling a bit frazzled and somehow cup sketches are soothing.

Secondly, I am approaching this years challenge in a completely different way to last year. Last year I started the month stressing a little at the thought of ‘having’ to sketch each night and rushed a few in order to get it done quickly and out of the way. I then regretted it because I saw all the beautiful work of others who had put the effort in. This year, post long service leave trip, I sketch a lot more normally and am able to sketch quicker…so I am not putting any pressure on myself but see this month’s challenge as an opportunity for some sketch therapy at the end of a day…with hopefully some variety in subjects (but you know me…) and often trying to tie the challenge in with the days/weeks events.

Thirdly, as I thrive on spontaneous sketching, I have found already that what I plan and what is the end result is quite different… this random page just evolved as I was working on it. (Lots on my mind tonight!)


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