De Atramentis Document Fog Grey

January 23, 2015 | 3 Comments

This week I have managed to get myself a little distracted due to the unexpected arrival of a new De Atramentis Document Ink called Fog Grey. I got an email from Larrypost on Monday saying they have plenty of stock of DeA ink and including this new colour. I knew Document Fog Grey was in the pipe line but I was very surprised that Larrypost had some in their recent shipment. Of course I couldn’t resist getting a bottle and doing a few tests. Of course it is not a full review without doing a teacup test so here that it.

Now in terms of comparison with other inks… it is a very blue dark grey.

Very nice but I was expecting it to be more like my mixed grey (from DeA Document Blue and Brown). Interesting to compare with Noodlers Lexington Grey and to realise how light and warm Lex Grey is.

Drawing my crazy TV arrangement at the moment so I can watch the cricket in the next room from my computer. I am not sure how this sketch translates online but the ink does feel blue when I am drawing with it.

Using Fog Grey to sketch my latest collection of music to play while I am working. I was in the mood to expand my  Chamber Music collection and indebted to the suggestions from my facebook friends and of course to my Classical Music Educator (my brother!) for supplying me with CDs.

A crazy Baroque building test – naturally I am not at Blenheim Palace at the moment so I have to rely on doing this from a photo. It is sad that there is not a Baroque building in my neighbourhood so I could do this test on location.

Another test page comparing the Fog Grey again this time with Black and with DeA Document Dark Blue.

Although it is not the neutral grey I was expecting, it is a BEAUTIFUL colour ink and more useable for me than the dark blue. The Document Fog Grey is giving me a dark line which is much more lively than black and I look forward to testing it on different subject matters and colour schemes in the next few weeks.

Looking up Jane Blundell’s blog – my constant reference site – I notice that this bottle of Document Fog Grey IS different from the normal water soluble Fountain Pen Ink version of Fog Grey which is more neutral.

BTW if you have some of the DeA inks and interesting in some mixes please check out Jane’s blog posts here. I have been referring to them a lot …but when it comes to actually mixing to fill up my pens have been doing that a little less accurately 9Ie. a bit of this colour and a bit of that colour. No idea of the ratios!)


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