First Day in Milan

June 18, 2016 | 9 Comments

Greetings from Milan – I had an amazing first day today!

After a long haul flight I find it takes a day for my eye hand coordination to get back to normal (out of sync like my sleep – though I felt great today) I often play safe with subject matter till I get in the groove. Not today! Complex street view with the Duomo in background.

Here is a quick summary of the rest of my adventures so far.

Here are the first two double page spreads from my lovely long haul flight Syd-Dubai-Milan. One of the best ever journeys – well apart from my 2.30am wake up to leave – no waiting time and spare seats next to me. And lovely really isn’t the right word, I know, but it was as good as it can be.

Spent the morning with Mike and Alex (the Palladian Odyssey team) including a few quick warmup sketches.

First view of the famous Duomo – sadly hidden by a by concert stage being installed.

The Galleria was as impressive as I thought it would be.

Quick sketch of the lovely Piazza Mercanti before going to meet Serena, a local sketcher/architect for the afternoon.

Lunch at a cafe overlooking the Duomo.

Then two sketches of this lovely brick church, Basilica di San Babila – this is the second quick one. Thanks Serena for a lovely afternoon – It is always very special for me to meet someone who has done one of my online course.

Really loving Milan and especially just the beautiful streets like this

and this.

Here are scans of all the pages:


  • Well, no doubt about it. You’re off to a great start. You definitely hit the ground running. We’ll be having a ball right along with you as you post your thoughts, feelings, photos and more importantly, your always beautiful sketches. .

  • Wonderful to follow your trip through your sketches!!!

  • Pam Thorburn says:

    Looking forward to all your travel posts,

  • Eileen Rigby says:

    When I can’t be in Europe the next best thing is following another artist who is! You arrived safely and look like you hit the ground running! Enjoy!

  • Lauren Grant says:

    Thank you Liz!! It is great fun to see Europe through your beautiful sketches. Such wonderful color and buildings. You inspire me to keep sketching everyday. Thank you.

  • Elsie Hickey-Wilson says:

    So happy to hear your fight went so well! I’ve been loving the blogs with the trip prep! I have my book out about Palladian buildings, pouring over photos and wishing I were there with you! I plan to make some sketches from the photos to practice and pretend I am with you! LOL! Sounds so exciting!

  • Gayle says:

    You deserve an honorarium from the City’s tourism department! Your blogs are the most enticing advertisement for visiting this amazing City! LOVE LOVE LOVE your sketches and stories. Sending you my best wishes.

  • Marlene Lee says:

    I feel like that I’m walking with you and seeing all these beautiful architecture. Thank you for sharing such a great post!

  • Veronica green says:

    I sure enjoy seen your sketches and all your travel,thanks for sharing….

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