Chicago - Montreal Sketchbooks: Flip Through

August 11, 2017 | 2 Comments

I’m not sure how I will find the time to scan and write about all my adventures from my recent trip to Chicago and Montreal, so in the meantime here is a flip through of all my sketches so you get an overview of everything I did.

The two weeks in Chicago included the 8th International Urban Sketchers in Symposium. It was great to arrive super early but I still didn’t have enough time to sketch everything I wanted to.

After that I went to Montreal for 5 days and hung out with Marc Taro Holmes, Anne-Laure Jacquart, Shari Blaukopf and a lot of other local (and not so local) sketchers.

It was an amazing trip and I have so much to absorb and think through!

Sketchbooks: A4 landscape Moleskine watercolour books, Handbook Travelogue watercolour book.


  • Carmela Sunnyvale says:

    Liz–so great to see your travel sketches. I noticed that you captured more people–a nice addition to your sketches. Those 100 people challenges paid off! i also liked all the line work which shows your creative process and workshop demos (I assume). I hope you are taking a bit of a breather and recuperating from jet lag.

  • Elsie Hickey-Wilson says:

    Wow!!!! Loved seeing all the sketches! Also, it was wonderful to meet you and chat in Chicago! Elsie

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