Recent Sketches: sewing, art supplies, cafe visits and the coal loader

May 7, 2014 | 2 Comments

Last year, during my first year of full time art, I really struggled to keep up the personal sketching and journalling in my book. I was very busy but as it was all art-related I didn’t feel the need to do something in my book to keep my creative jumps pumping – and I really stopped trying to record the narrative of my life in the same way I did previously. 

This year I am making more of an effort to work on my art and record my life in my book.
Keeping up with the scanning and posting is more a struggle….

 Another visit to my favourite cafe in Crows Nest – Sparrow. For me it is as much about the wonderful people in the place… but I can assure you the tea is wonderful!!

The full sewing spread… recording making a dress for my Sketchbook Skool Klass.

Very busy day but I resolved to do a very quick sketch each time I finished a water bottle. I am not drinking enough water these days!

Always ‘collecting’ new art stuff… buying new stuff… I will admit it. I am very excited to have one of these pocket palettes via my friend Jane Blundell who got a number of them in for all us palette here in Australia. Now what colours to fill it up with??
Also finally got hold of the Palomino pencils (I was tempted when in Singapore in January- I held out for a few months !!!)

 Crazy sketch of a crazy extension in my local area…. and a record of the sudden change in season this year. In two weeks we went from summer to winter with no autumn. I feel the cold but LOVE winter clothes…and of course we don’t really know the true meaning of winter here in Sydney

Catch up with a sketching friend and a very loose sketch of the tea that I had with my lunch at Botanica Cafe Waverton and some of her unusual Daniel Smith colours. (the ones that are noted are mine) I did a little work on this page when I got home… I am not a fan of isolated objects floating on the page. I know when I sketch my teacups at home that are floating objects but when I am at a new cafe I want something more to remind me of the place. So I added the coffee table pattern.

Quick sketch with C before lunch (while talking non stop and distracting a nearby watercolour class) at the Coal Loader, North Sydney. Beautiful day to sneak a few hours to sketch in the sun with a friend! A somewhat ‘tame’ sketch after my efforts on Saturday! (I think talking non stop is the major factor here!)


  • Arlene says:

    I hope you will tell us what 14 colors you put in your magnetic pocket palette. I have one and really like it for my walkabout kit.

  • Whew! 3 days of posts to catch up with just because I could not get blogs to open yesterday! As always, the sketches are fabulous and I always love the writing you do on your pages. I am thinking I am going to have to find an art journaling workshop. I've got one great book on it which I've read cover to cover. I've got blogs that I follow that share amazing sketches in their journals. And I've got me…who tries really hard to think of something anything to paint and the pages are stiff and boring. Sigh…

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