Cake sketching

March 27, 2014 | 3 Comments

oh no! not more tea and cake… well ….I have to get in the mood for next week’s workshop don’t I? (no not really, I hear you say!)

If you missed it, I am referring to the “Sketch The Cake” High Tea workshop  that I have been asked to run as part of Rockdale Councils Art Festival. (Tuesday 1 April at Vanilla Cupcakery)


This evening I am coordinating the serving of the cakes and sandwiches to suit the sketching! Normally when you have a high tea you have to make sure you eat the hot food first – so the additional task of sketching it first but still eating it warm is a challenge. So how empowering as a sketcher to be able to set the food arrival to suit the sketching!

Really looking forward to it!!!!!!! Do I need to say that?

As an aside: I haven’t been down to the Kingsgrove area in years and years – certainly haven’t sketched in that part of Sydney so looking forward to doing a little sketching on the streets afterwards (all that tea and sugar will give me lots of energy that will need to be sketched out!) Anyone local that has a suggestion of somewhere interesting I can visit as I venture south!! (isn’t it funny how north or south our lives can be in Sydney? Not for any reason but we often don’t venture far from our established tracks)


  • In my blogging incarnations, I had managed to lose your blog address. So glad I found it again, Liz. I think you are a master sketch artist and I love the color you bring to your pages.

  • kelgell says:

    I loooove the idea of combining high tea and sketching!! Unfortunately the time doesn't suit. I'd love to come to some of your other classes sometime. The sketching The Rocks one looked good too. I'll keep my eye on your class page. 😉

  • Liz Steel says:

    SO SO nice to have you back. I did miss you! hope everything going well!

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