Big Trip 2010: Portland - the day before the symposium

October 20, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

Travelling from Seattle to Portland

A group of Seattle urban sketchers plus the gang from the night before meet at the station to catch the train to Portland. Amongst the Seattle sketches was the famous Frank Ching – it was amazing for me to meet him and it is no surprise that he and Gerard hit it off.

Afternoon exploring Portland with Tia and Lapin

Once in Portland I went sketching with Tia and Lapin.

Tia and I sketched a food cart.

Lapin found a car…

… I had never thought of sitting on the kerb like this, but it is actually a good place to sit. No one notices you!

Except for the owner of the car who runs the barber shop. Lapin went in to do a portrait.

And then wanted to sketch the details of the shop. Oh ah! I love hanging out with obsessive sketchers!

Urban Sketchers Correspondent Dinner

At night it was the Correspondents Dinner. Oh! it was SO amazing to meet even more urban sketchers! It’s amazing the bond which we have from sharing out work to the same site.

My Sketches

And here are all my sketches from the day.



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