BCN.UK.2013: Tuesday 09 - not non stop sketching!

August 10, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

With only 2 days before the symposium was to start, you would think that I would have a crazy non stop sketching day to get me warmed up. But I turned out somewhat differently… it IS good to pace yourself for these events. In previous years I have tried to do way too much beforehand…this year I wanted a slower pace and I also wanted to spend time talking to people not the usual talking, sketching and eating all at the same time!

So this day, the Tuesday before, I started with another balcony sketch…trying to loosen up. This turned out to be the only sketch I completed that morning….

 I was very privileged to be able to watch Shari do her dry run for her workshop. Along with Chris from Sydney and Gail Wong who happened to walk past at the beginning, we were treated to a close hand demo… and were able to ask her all kind of annoying questions! Apart from doing a few little thumbnails, we spent most of the time just soaking it all up! Thank you Shari for a very special morning!

The afternoon, Chris and I checked out a nice cafe, did a bit of shopping (something I rarely do on holidays when on my own) and then I did one very quick scribble of a sketch just for the meeting of sketchers at C3B.

A early dinner with my great friend Jessie and Chris V (too tired to sketch… I am taking things easier this year aren’t I?)

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