Austin Part 1: With USK group and on my own

October 26, 2017 | Leave your thoughts

This article includes time with Urban Sketchers Austin, sketching on my own and meeting some of the seanwes community. The reason for this visit to Austin was to attend the Seanwes Conference.

It was so special to meet up with the USK Austin gang a few hours after arriving in Texas. Such a lovely group! Thanks Ellen and Beth

The Capitol building…Last sketch in my 8×10 Alpha sketchbook…

… and then I moved back to my smaller book – 7×10 landscape.

And another version.

A group of us then went for some food and I did this partial sketch of the interior.

And learnt a little Texan! 🙂

A huge thanks to Beth and Ellen for organising the event.

  Day 2 in Austin was the day I switched from being with sketching friends to hanging out with the Seanwes gang – a business community that I’m a member of.

I wrote at the time:

Morning latte and sketch in Austin @caffemedici – nice to have a little downtime after my non-stop excitement in the Bay Area. I’m here in Austin for a conference – #seanwes2017 – looking forward to hanging out with folks from the community soon.

Being part of the @seanwes community has been a great support for me over the last 18 months on the tech and business side of everything I do – so it’s nice to be able to have a real life experience this week. I love getting new ideas of ways to help my readers more and it’s making me more determined to share free stuff.
Not sure how much sketching I will do… but y’all know I’ll do as much as I can ?

Another cafe interior.

Trying to get used to the humidity in the area and getting a feel for the city (and how safe it is to sketch on the streets!)

Wandered to the entertainment area which was deserted at this time in the morning.

Just taking my time and trying to catch up with myself!

And then I met up with some of the seanwes gang for lunch.

It started pouring with rain so we spent a lot of time sitting at this table having some great conversation.

And then to break up the chatting, a game of pool happened.

I really wanted to start sketching my new friends so this was a good way to warm up.

Then a fun dinner that evening. Really nice to meet all these people!!!

Map of my day.

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