An unplanned weekend

March 24, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Just a quiet weekend… it was a lovely Friday evening so although exhausted I needed to go-a-sketching….

Guess where? But I am NOT going to sketch that building again!!! (rash statement!)

Sometimes a little sketch is the perfect thing to do on a Friday evening before going home after a long hard week of work.

There are numerous things that I would like to change about this sketch but the process of sketching it is the most important thing… a much-needed winding down!
Pity that the paper in my sketchbook (150gsm cartridge) makes a wash near impossible – the sky was cloudless blue this evening!

Once again, it seems impossible for me to visit Milsons Point without sneaking an opera house sketch in… this was the view I had in my side mirror when I was about to drive off…of course I stopped the car and sketched it!

Sketches from a quiet Saturday…

Real stuff and imagination
A very quick and distracted sketch of a real construction in the shed by a 4-year-old boy this morning. He certainly doesn’t need expensive plastic toys – a few timber pieces and a hammer and a HUGE imagination keep him happy for hours!

Art supplies and detour on the way home

Really would prefer to use full pans and mix more colours (rather than convenience colours) so I am reducing the number of paints from 20 to 12… let’s see how I go. I go through half pans too quickly and thinking that drilling holes in the paint is ruining my brushes – it is easier to pick up paint from the side of the brush with full pans (hope that makes sense)
tried to add silly notes to make this a little more interesting for you all…plus I like recording all the trivia that one is so much more aware of when one is solo sketching! Please read if you are interested….

the tearoom has been uncharacteristically empty the last few times now that I want to focus on people.
Oh! so much scope for improvement doing these!

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