The start of Easter: Tea, a bilby and my day's trailer

April 18, 2014 | 1 Comment

Late night sketch as a ‘brain dump’. The pattern on this saucer is so complex that I have to really slow down to attempt it…
I am getting so used to just painting (rather than drawing ink lines first) that I am finding the lines a real restraint to my use of paint… wanted to achieve a real loose relationship between line and colour here…and try to slow down my crazy brain which has been in hyperdrive lately…

The weekly USK Flickr theme is unusual vehicles… this isn’t quite a vehicle in its own right(especially when it is parked on its own like this) but certainly is one of its kind.

The trailer that my dad made for his lawn mowing business(in retirement) I used to think it was more like a lion’s cage. I need to sketch inside it one day as well.

Was nice to sit and sketch it at the end of a lovely but very busy and noisy family day. A nice way to wind down after being with all our fun excitable little family members!

Each year I buy a chocolate Bilby and sketch it (Bilby is a native Australian marsupial- more like a cross between a kangaroo and a rat than a rabbit…still very cute)Tomorrow I am going to see if I can find a better option than this cadbury one. Must be the architect in me… but I always seem to prefer to draw things in a state of whole-ness…. but sadly this was already broken (broken of course = half consumed!) Not really that happy with this painting… but a little CTL always makes me smile (CTL = Cobalt Turquoise Light!)

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