A new favourite teapot (to sketch)

February 9, 2022 | 3 Comments

A quick update on my teapot collection project

I think that I have a new favourite teapot to sketch! This blue and white Chinese pot is SO much fun to draw!

It doesn’t have its own infuser and isn’t the best pourer so it’s not my favourite pot to use. But I still love it a lot.

As the note says, I’ve been enjoying pairing my teapots with various teacups and types of tea. I haven’t worked out the best tea for this pot yet.

The rest of my teapot sketches (some you have seen before as part of the Constructing Volumes week) are all quick sketches done during my workday.

It’s been a busy week (with an epic livestream about sight measuring this morning – if you are doing the Foundations Group Run-through you know all about this!) but I’m thinking that it’s time to sketch a few of my patterned teapots next!


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