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August 19, 2014 | 1 Comment

Been a touch busy lately…but of course still sketching a little in my book.
No time for my traditional trip prep sketches as such but a few have sneaked in.

Here is my new travel kettle. I had to throw my old one out in Barcelona after it started leaking. Of course you think this is the height of foolishness to take this… in fact it is a necessity but not because of tea. My neck needs heat and best way is the good old hot water bottle. AND of course a cup of tea does not go astray at all after a hard days travel.

And more importantly on the left side there is two GREAT quotes that I have come across lately (hope you can read my writing)
This page is an example of how to design a mainly text page

A working page of my clothes. It is NOT the final choice but exploring the options… thanks to Sueli for giving me a local update on the weather. I didn’t make a new dress this trip…but I did manage a skirt. So I am happy!
But I am a little sad that the purple floral dress that has been to 4 symposiums and countless other trips has been retired to home wear now. (too sad and faded!)

A ‘half baked’ page – very quick sketches. I am not sure the pages are finished in the usual sense.
I have lowered my own standards. I normally take loose leaf tea with me… but really teabags are so much more convenient!
And a quick coffee at the cafe where T2 used to be.

Coffee (two in a row hey?) and a little building detail at Balmain organic cafe/shop. Very quick sketch…

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  • I think these pages are just exquisite! Love that gold chair especially. Great way to show your trip clothes; you have me thinking. Two color palettes only but many mix and match options? Great idea and wonderful way to minimize amount of clothes to bring along!!

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