This week in marker sketches

October 5, 2012 | 4 Comments


you have seen the pages before…but included in the weekly page

Not included in full in this combo …but I did three pages of sermon/ reading notes…Here is one … that was badly affected by my
disaster with my sketchbook… water bottle leakage…I am just a touch distressed – mainly because it is a special gifted sketchbook…I feel more responsible as the sketchbook is half Paul Wangs(his artwork is on the cover!) I might give the pages another iron.

a public holiday and we had a family day- the attempt to sketch was made but the result incomplete…there is too much going on at the moment for me to bother the finish the page.
In the evening, I decided to start a comparison between watercolour and marker…not quite fair as the paper favours the marker… but this has been posted separately.

on the way to a weekly medical appointment at 8am- very quick sketch…I felt like this was ‘urban sketching meeting work sketching’…I am very happy that the last few weeks has developed my markering skills to a point that I will be easily able to sketch in the rapid pace required during a design sketching process and use thinking sketches (colouring is part of hte process) for presentation to clients. At the moment I am in the middle of serious documentation phase… so no pretty sketches for me at the moment!
Evening: a sketch of one of the teas I got on Saturday. Alissa sketched the flowers as object, I sketched them as part of the experience of drinking the tea..and the cup as well!

a little late getting early to work (if that makes sense) so a quick brisk walk to the rest park and a quick straight to colours sketch from a seated position in the sun. Still unhappy with my big masses of dark green. Eneded up going to the same spot (almost) at lunch and then in the evening did some tests for green

Back to St Leonards church in the morning and then crazy sketch in the car in traffic (in the dark) and then quick sketch of a room in the house I haven’t sketched before

Another semi detached house morning sketch.

Other days…
I was doing a programme for a project at work for the rest of the year, and so thought I would do a personal one as well… nice and empty at the moment.
A clothes packing page (slightly obscured to fill in the gap) …don’t worry I am not going on vacation again… but I am going ‘away’ for a few weeks…more later.


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