Watercolour vs Marker

October 4, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

I have been doing a LOT of sketching this week, so need to spread my ‘weekly summary’ over two posts.

Here are some watercolour vs marker sketches. Saturday’s little adventure in the tearoom made me realise how much I miss watercolour and although I am a little frustrated with my watercolouring at the moment… (I want to go in a slightly different direction) I still enjoy splashing and mixing paint on the page more than markers. SO here are four version of the same building…

All done in my quick scribbly way in under 15 minutes each. You can see that 2 were done in my moleskine cahier(A4-ish size) and two were done in my watercolour moleskine(A5-ish size). I would like to find a way to capture the freshness of my marker work with my watercolouring!

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