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May 11, 2012 | 3 Comments


Friday night and reading a very good book on Contemporary Architecture in NYC. Yes, I have booked to have a week in NYC in July and am determined to be a little more prepared than I was in 2010 (my first visit as part of my mega 11 week long service leave trip)

Although I intended to spend this evening reading, I ended up sketching as well!

I don’t draw very much contemporary architecture, I know… older stuff IS definitely more fun to draw! However I did enjoy doing these although I did want to do more looser versions. (I hope my beloved Lamy pen doesn’t dry up with this recent neglect!)I also tried out some of those grey mixes I was playing with the other day.) I hope to explore and share some strategies for drawing skyscrapers in the coming weeks.

I really like the Copper Union building and was shocked to realise that I forgot all about trying to visit it in 2010. Has anyone been inside????

I am very interested in any non-obvious suggestions of things to do and place to visit. I have been a little overwhelmed by the number of good sounding tearooms I have been finding lately.

Last time I went to Pearl Art last time – any other art stores I should visit?


  • Liz, you should go to The Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan – you can take a subway right to the park. The Cloisters houses the Metropolitan Museum of Art's medieval collection, and it's in a park with a botanic garden in it, and it has spectacular views of the Hudson. You really can't go wrong with this place as a sketching destination!

  • I think Pearl Paint is still a great store. I will be going to New York next week and I'll be stocking up on some supplies for Santo Domingo.
    I've always wanted to go to the Cloisters but one really gorgeous spot is the roof of the Met (Museum). You have an amazing view of Central Park from there. It is spectacular. And there's usually some interesting exhibit or sculpture up there too. And of course there's always the usual great buildings like the Flatiron, the Guggenheim, etc.

  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks Elizabeth and Shari for your tips!

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