December 20, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Via Flickr:
there is no hope of me convincing any of you that I am not obsessed with cakes and desserts… but I have to admit that mum’s Christmas pudding is a highlight of this time of year. A very quick scribble and splash.

BTW, although a Christian I do not celebrate Christmas as a religious event. There is no command in the bible to celebrate the birth of Christ (the origins of Xmas is generally agreed to be ‘pagan’) Instead I celebrate the resurrection of Christ every single week – resting from my labours (and sketching) and having a wonderful dedicated day of worship which I call The Lords Day (a Christian ‘sabbath’) Without getting into a debate- this I beleive is a command of the bible.

However, we do have some of the traditions… pudding and turkey and a family day.

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