Summer1112 Trip Prep: Holiday Clothes

December 13, 2011 | 1 Comment

Although I am staying at home (mostly) to feel like a real trip I have to do one of these pages.

Many of these clothes appear in photos of me (my standard trip/sketching outfits)…I think it is wonderful to be able to wear the same clothes year after year and I do worry about the unnecessary waste of people who are constantly buying new clothes just to be fashionable.(obviously I don’t really care to be considered fashionable!)

A few comments:

  • We call vacations holidays here in Australia
  • I seem to have a lot of blue and brown (how surprising!) I have more brown outfits but my outfits need to be coordinated for a special reason (yet to be revealed(
  • One touch of red for the dress I will wear on our family day on 26 Dec (we don’t celebrate Christmas… more explanation closer to the date)
  • I love doing these pages… has really NO useful purpose on this occasion except for being a source of fun for me!

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