Celebration Food Sketch

June 22, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Sketching my food over the last 3-4 weeks HAS been a chore but tonight I was REALLY in the mood! Firstly, I had a NEW pen to try out. Thanks to Nina, who got us all interested in the Noodlers Flex Pen) and numerous online friends who were keeping us all informed where one could be had… I couldn’t resist! Just in testing mode.

But, more importantly than yet another new art supply… I have achieved my goal of the sketching food diary. Not sure about the kg lost but I can now fit into my skinny skirts! This is VERY exciting! Now… I have to monitor the weight carefully over the next 3 weeks (oh! less than 3 weeks till I fly out ie. 3 weeks today I will be in the air, God willing) and start introducing a few carbs back into my system so I can cope with standard fare in the UK and Lisbon!

So anyway- I whole heartedly recommend you try a sketching diet yourself!!!

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