110418 Monday's sketches

April 19, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

110418 Airport Waiting
Guess whose bestest sketching friend from Scotland has arrived in Australia for a holiday and guess who sketched people at the airport while others were watching her.
And guess who is excited about both?

BTW the horizontal format of this moleskine is great for a collection of scribbles like these!

110418 Leftovers from a 21st Party
Leftovers from a 21st…

Of course, you all understand that I do prefer a scone to a cupcake…but I have to admit that cupcakes are prettier and absolutely MUST be sketched before eating!!!

I sketched the cake at work and then brought it home and ate it while having a Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey Tea in my Royal Albert 1920s Spring Meadow cup…in order to do it justice.

Fairly random composition of the page… but one never knows what will happen on the rest of the spread!

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