Three great tearooms/cafes in 24hours

March 5, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

The last 24 hours will not do anything for my resolve to prove to my readers that I do not spend ALL my time in tearooms! I was trying to think if I have ever done this feat before – no I don’t think I ever have.The only comparable moment was in Edinburgh in 2009 when I went to Eteaket 3 times in 1.5 days…but this time it was three different locations -all of which are SENSATIONAL!

Friday night 5.45pm SPARROW Crows Nest
Got a chance to go back to this place- which is very nice. They have two varieties of Earl Grey. Due to no one being around when I left the cafe on my first visit I didn’t get a chance to leave a card…however the owners had found my blog anyway so were rather excited when they saw me sketching and asked if I was the sketcher? Almost like being famous!?!
I think that I need to check out all that this cafe has to offer – as there does seem to be special cakes(but do they do scones) and a large tea list!

Today Saturday 10.00am – TARA TEA ROOM The Rocks
Morning with Alissa, Wendy and Annie – my sketching buddies who are also involved in the Garden Sketchabout which starts next week. LOVE this place!!!! The scones are amazing and the owner is SO nice- thanks Ash for another special visit. LOVE LOVE the cosies!!!

Today 3.15pm T2 Tea House Macquarie Centre, North Ryde
Meeting up with a friend at T2 at 4pm..didn’t feel like shopping so went an hour early to sketch and chill. To do a ‘serious’ sketch I have to tearooms in solo mode.

Lovely to have someone to share T2 with – my friend ordered a coffee and it looked spectacular with a T2 saucer!! Very stylish.

From Last night as well….
I am not sure why I have to do this all the time… more difficult to sketch the food when there are more people as the food disappears more quickly(didn’t bother trying to sketch the main courses) but on the other hand it is a little easier as I can fade out of the conversation to sketch from time to time.

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