Final Sketching Day of my summer holidays

January 8, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

This morning a visit to the Botanic Gardens – sketch of the choragic monument of lysicrates replica (copy of something in Athens… don’t worry I had to take a photo of the plaque and google it myself!)
Notice the harbour bridge in the background.
Then I drove to Parramatta Park for a picnic!

I know that I am a bit odd… but if I feel the least bit rushed I would MUCH prefer to sketch a crazy over the top building than a restrained perfectly proportioned one like this one (Old Government House at Parramatta)

What a TOTAL mess I made of the windows – if this was a baroque building all my usual scribbles would hide my laziness in not even bothering to try to get them evenly spaced and the same size. I even had a friend counting the window panes for me!

As Sunday is my rest day – these will be my last sketches for this years summer holidays. Back to work on Monday.

So here is:

  • A final sketch from our picnic at Parramatta Park
  • A column detail from this mornings monument sketch – sketched from a photo tonight
  • A new cup. My lovely green cup has a chip so I ‘needed’ a new everyday cup. Purchased from T2 yesterday.

What a great summer holiday! See here for all the sketching I did during my two week break.

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