Post Trip Restlessness and sketching my sketchbooks

November 10, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

just a quick sketch from a photo from my recent time in Rome – done in 15 minutes late at night last night! Having a minor sketch crisis (more below) at the moment and this just really helped me… nothing like a bit of Roman sketch therapy!

This page is my just rambling about total trivia – not sure if anyone is interested but after 11 weeks of concentrated focusness… I am all over the place at the moment…. and for the record, I still have a post-trip high, I don’t mind at all being back at work, love being back home… but just feel too busy and wish I could sketch more of normal stuff.

A bit strange how much fun it was to sketch my sketchbooks – even though the proportions and sizes are all over the shop and I really do not mixing black paint…

BTW just to clarify – the Rome sketchbook – bought form a lovely shop opposite the pantheon is a BEAUTIFUL sketchbook… it is just not working for me as a daily book. However, sitting open on my desk at work and being used for quick inspirational architectural sketches I see in books or magazines might just work better – first 2 days have been good.

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