My Rome Book from 2004 trip

June 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

As a result of putting together a blurb photo album of last years trip (photos and my sketches) I was thinking tonight about my other photo albums.

Also dreaming about going back to Rome again and what I would draw…and so is the wee bear!

In the “OLD DAYS” – before I was sketching on location and before I discovered blurb, I would spend a year after my holiday putting together a photo album of the places I visited in my brief holidays. I would research every building I went to and then draw the plan, elevation, details summarising my readings into notation on the drawings. A lot of these drawings were traced! I would put these books together in Indesign and then print on my Epson printer at home on double sided matt paper and get bound at a local thesis book binder. (Now Blurb does that last bit for me!)

This particular album from a week in Italy is my greatest achievement… This is only the first day of 5 (but by far the longest day!)

And took me a year to complete but I got SOOOOOO much out of it. Anyway, in one of my weird late Friday night tangents, I have re-opened the original file and deleted the people photos (there were not that many!) so I can now share this with the world… If any one is interested. There are lots of quotes from books and copies from architecture books …so I stress that this a a PRIVATE photo album / scrap book and not fit for publication.

So, if you think my sketching is somewhat over the top… It is a lot more relaxing than putting this together!?! I don’t know how I found the time…

One day I would like to do something with this….. as I think there is a real need for a more dynamic and contemporary approach to classical architecture appreciation (especially in Australia)… when I put this together I NEVER thought that I would be one day sketching on location – I thought that the best I could do was take lots and lots of photos and have fun with photoshop when I got home!


  • Robyn says:

    I've been transported for one and a half hours in your beautiful book of Rome, Liz. Just realised I should have been looking for the Golden Section in a recent sketch. I feel I walked the whole day with you and your friend and learned so much more than I have ever known about architecture.

  • AutumnLeaves says:

    Gorgeous work and book. I have the detail oriented type of personality that would love doing something like this. This is a phenomenal piece of artistry for an architect and artist such as yourself, Liz.

  • It never occurred to me to make a book or a photo album of my trips but I think it's a wonderful idea. It must be great to leaf through the books you made with such care remembering the places you visited.

  • Roadchick says:

    What a beautiful book – exactly the sort of thing that I would buy and pore (pour?) over for hours.

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