100430 Getting Ready for May

April 30, 2010 | 4 Comments

A new book for May….
100430 A new book for May
BTW that fav colour of mine French Ultramarine ran out shortly after doing this page…so my palette has already changed!!!
BTW2- 29 refers to the number of sketchbooks – wow it doesn’t seem that long ago since I started no. 20!
May is going to be such a challenging month (bad pun here) that I decided not be try to be inventive on this title page
100430 EveryDay in May - The Plan
Getting ready for my Every Day in May adventure – doing EDM challenges 1-31 and trying to map out what they are, what I MIGHT do and how. I am probably going to swap around a little just for fun and these are only my initial ideas….

This is part of the Everyday in May challenge – drawing something every day
in May. A group of us thought it would be fun to do a Everyday Matters (EDM)
challenge each day using EDM 1-31. The list is here

The Group that is going to give this a go (so far… let me know if you want to join in and be added to the list)
Me (obviously) flickr or blog
Alissa flickr
Wendy (QuirkyArtist) flickr or blog
Jennifer Blog
Sandy blog or flickr
TravellingSueP blog
Deborah blog
Margaret blog
Anna blog


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