A Nice Saturday: T2 tearoom and the boy's cubby house

November 7, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Making up for the weeks I missed while I was away…. oh! I love going to this place
(T2 Tearoom Sydney)

A lovely afternoon visiting my nephews – gave the older one (5 year old) a present that he loved, being Star Wars mad and we had fun building it. First serious lego project I have had for years and years. Lego is certainly not the same as when I was a kid – far to specialized these days! (I didn’t have much time to draw it as it was in high demand)

The FAB card has my password on the back – I need this to be let into the Castle. Rather topical after posting all my Wales castle sketches during the week – this one is a new South Wales Castle!



  • Just for the record I should advise that it is really the F.A.B. club and not “fab” as I incorrectly said it at first.
  • Also the fab on the castle (which has been there for a number of weeks) had in fact faded to invisible ink – but I thought it was important to record the intent.
  • Finally, note that one of the crenelations has been broken and is hanging down the front (is there a singular form of crenelation? – yes a crenel naturally – ok that is enough of an architectural terminology tangent for the day!)
  • Really finally – I just think it is special when I make a page like this to record a normal but fun afternoon – it is etched in my memory now!

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