The Bear in Wales

November 6, 2009 | 5 Comments

While waiting for me to get around to doing some more scans… here are some photos of the Bear in Wales….
Our first afternoon tea break at Hay on Wye
Liz & BB doing Mary Jones walk
Doing the first .25 miles of the 25 mile Mary Jones walk
BB supervising painting at Castel y bere
BB supervising painting at Castel y bere
At the top of Harlech Castle– focusing on BB is sometimes hard!
BB@Harlech with Ynyr and tea
Harlech with Ynyr and the tea that I purchased (Earl Grey) and was given (oolong)
At Beaumaris Castle
BB@Penrhyn Castle01
BB@Penrhyn Castle02
Small details of mega huge Penrhyn Caslte- a single capital and ivy that covers parts of the back façade
BB@Penrhyn - Context
I just thought I would upload one more photo… just to explain that although borromini is very photogenic and a bear of many different expressions and moods – yet it is challenging to take a typical tourist photo of him in standing in front of a important landmark – he is just too wee! (oops – still got my scottish lingo hanging around!) Click on the photo and Hit all sizes if you can’t see him (in the one on the right – no hope on the left photo because he is not actually in this one!) See if you can see a Liz in the reflection for some human scale!


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