Weekly Spread: Dreaming of Venice

February 19, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

I nearly always have fun when I open a new page of my journal… But sometimes I REALLY HAVE FUN! This page is one of those occasions – can you tell?

This week I was looking through a few journals from this time last year and the pages that I enjoyed re-visiting the most were the ‘This Week’ spreads that I sometimes did… A bit of a collage backdrop for dumping random thoughts or trivial events during the week. So I am going to start the practice again!

Anyway, this week the spread is very architectural. I am trying to decide where to go on my overseas trip this year – it was going to be a long 3 month adventure but now just looks like it will be a short one. I am longing to go back to Venice again. I had a wonderful week there in Jan 06 (before my sketching-on-location-days) and spent 3 months beforehand researching its architecture. I even prepared my own architectural guide! A bit rusty on some of the names but looking at a map brings back so many memories and a vivid picture of the spaces and buildings.

So here are some scribble sketches that I used to inspire my random ramblings this week.(I know the week is not over yet…got to work out where I am going to put my bits for tomorrow…)

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