081226 Watching the start of the Sydney to Hobart Race

December 26, 2008 | 3 Comments

The first time we have ever been to see the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. D&I booked a spot at the Old Quarantine Station at the North Head of the harbour. Only 300 people there and they let us sit on the verandah – so had a great view in the comfort of dense shade and lovely cool breeze. Sketching this was the only time I was in the sun!
081226 SydneytoHobart 01

Filling in time sketching boats and people…
081226 SydneytoHobart 02
081226 SydneytoHobart 03
081226 SydneytoHobart 04

Middle head – this is the place that i think would be the best location (it is my favourite spot in Sydney) but who knows how crowded it would be
081226 SydneytoHobart 05

A vertical slice of the panaroma view
081226 SydneytoHobart 06

Getting ready for the start…. a real start line was forming and the spectator craft in the foreground was building up!
081226 SydneytoHobart 07

A bit crazy trying to draw as the leading boat sails past… I then proceeded to overwork the colouring! Sigh!
081226 SydneytoHobart 08
Last sketch for the day – the second boat, Scandia going through the heads. I then sat and just watched the boats – it was just SO amazing – I had tears in my eyes…it was so special! What a wonderful day!
081226 SydneytoHobart 09


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