In today’s Sydney Morning Herald…

March 9, 2011 | 6 Comments

… there was a special lift out guide to the SMH Autumn of the Arts festival in the Royal Botanic Gardens.
100310 SMHSpecial
Inside there was a big ad and an article on the upcoming Sketchabouts. The ad contains my sketch and the article featured me!?!
100310 SMH1Ad
But what I would like to stress is that I am part of an amazing TEAM of sketchers- Wendy Shortland, Alissa Duke and Annie McMahon. We have been involved in the prep for this event together- Wendy and Annie have especially put a lot of effort in!
100310 SMHArticle
But most importantly we just love going to the gardens with our sketchbooks to sketch….So if you are in Sydney – please come along!!!

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  • Desiree - March 9, 2011 reply

    Congratulations on more great publicity!!! You're a star in the sketching world!

  • Katherine Tyrrell - March 10, 2011 reply

    Well done Liz - it's a great article and well deserved! You should do a Gabi and become Sketcher about Sydney for the paper!

  • Papierflieger - March 10, 2011 reply

    Congratulations Liz! I really like the way people are invited by the news. Everything that is said about sketching is so true, it makes life richer in many and unexpected ways!

    I am sure the sketchabout will be a great success!

  • Cathy Gatland - March 10, 2011 reply

    Fantastic Liz - and the whole team on this great project! I agree with Katherine, you should be the Sydney Sketcher!

  • Robyn - March 10, 2011 reply

    Sydney will soon the be the City of Sketchers at this rate. Congratulations Liz on your starring role. I wish you and Wendy every success with this fantastic garden project. You've all put so much into it and I'm sure it will inspire similar programs around the world.

  • Sadami - March 10, 2011 reply

    Dear Liz,
    Thank you for the info. Pleased to meet you. I'd really would like to join your sketch team!!
    Kind regards, Sadami

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