100310 EDM 260 Draw your filled suitcase

March 10, 2010 | 9 Comments

100310 EDM260 Draw your filled suitcase

Pretty boring subject when everything is neatly packaged! I am not a very good packed (always want to take too much even for two nights) so exciting that I still have a wee gap in my suitcase! Another one that I rushed….

Better get back to it… see you in three days time!

I might do some iphone posting to my flickr – so keep an eye on that if you want


  • Alex - March 10, 2010 reply

    Absolutely love the colors! That's a good way of tagging everything too and perhaps a reference for yourself and anyone who wants to pack as nicely and beautifully as the drawing. =)

  • Patsy Taylor-Craw - March 10, 2010 reply

    Great sketch! I am glad you remembered your red shoes.

  • Ramona Davidson - March 10, 2010 reply

    Great sketch and colors. Love the composition.

  • Sketch Gurl - March 10, 2010 reply

    Wonderful to see your filled suitcase, all set to travel!

  • ffyrebird.com - March 10, 2010 reply

    Wonderful sketch! Have fun on the trip!!

  • Lrc - March 10, 2010 reply

    I think its a great sketch...i lust after those clothes envelopes and think that its not boring!

  • nanke's stuff - March 11, 2010 reply

    Great job - fine composition, bright colors, interesting things! very nice. nancy

  • phthaloblu - March 12, 2010 reply

    Great colorful sketch! Love the tagging you did.

  • The Journal Challenge - March 12, 2010 reply

    Love the way you are sketching everything around you. My absolut favourites are your first pages of new journals - I like the sketch of the watercolors.

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