What is inside my bag?

October 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

Well most of you know about the great bag I discovered just before I went overseas in July. Well, it is working great and I am absolutely loving the fact that I never have to do a handbag swap and it is always ready to go.

Inspired by Inma’s bag contents drawing I had to do one myself. “Shoes and Bags’ is the Spanish Urban Sketchers weekly theme and as I am an ‘honorary’ member and just so happened to have a copy of the Eyewitness Guide to Spain and a copy of a CD of John Williams playing Spanish Guitar music… I thought I should join in!

BTW: Just for the record, I haven’t revealed absolutely everything in my bag and a few items are suitably vague. If you are interested in the art supplies in the front two pockets an old photo is here and a new sketch is here…but even that is slightly out of date.

BTW2: I have never drawn my keys… that would be fun. I will put it on my list.

BTW3:I am NOT planning a trip to Spain at the moment, but now that my copy of this book has finally been returned maybe I should start!?!


  • Miriam says:

    How fun!!! I always enjoy taking a peek at what people use to draw and paint! I know in your previous blog entries you mentioned you went shopping for art supplies in the UK. Was that in London? Would you mind sharing the store(s) name(s)? I'm planning to go to London at the end of the month and would love to do some shopping too!

  • Splendid random collection thanks.
    I have to look at the top logo here every time I visit: it's excellent.

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