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USK BCN Registration last night was a huge evening of excitement…. but before I go into it I have to say how sorry I am for those that missed out- I already know a number of people who I was looking forward to seeing there who are in this case… and especially for those who were caught up in meetings/other events.

Time zone differences mean that registration times to suit Europe and the Americas will always be a very unsocial able hour for us – previous years it has been 4am, but this year it was midnight… a lot better! The crazy times prove to be a blessing as it  gives us the freedom to be there when the ‘gates open.’

Last night I registered in connection with 3 of my best sketching buddies – one was right next to me, using my computer(I was on my laptop), one on the other side of Sydney, and one on the other side of the world. It was fun to be sending emails and stressing out together. We had had numerous lengthy discussions (meetings!) about the workshops beforehand, going through the options and coordinating a divide and conquer approach vs doing workshops together …you can imagine how much fun that has been!

Anyway, here are my pages I did this morning to record the event (too tense last night to sketch!)…and a record of all the dramas associated with it. C & I were particularly stressed about getting in as we had booked our flights months ago!!! Airfares are outrageously expensive in Australia (we live so far from ANYWHERE else – except NZ of course!) and the best time to buy them is in Nov the year before. I had the additional responsibility of having someone else registering with my internet…what if it went down? What if I had problems with the cookies in my browser!?!

Anyway, I am so thankful that my friends and I all made it in and with my first choices too. Once again so sorry for those that didn’t get in – since I had already booked my flights I was planning to go to BCN anyway…with so many sketchers around and only 5 x 3 hours workshops there will still be plenty of time to hang out with Urban Sketchers from around the world. Are you thinking of going to BCN anyway????

Hmm, time for an afternoon nap?
And yes, I have a 27inch iMac with a secondary screen of 21″!! Lots of screen real estate!


  • MiataGrrl says:

    Excited for you that you got in — me, too! I was all by myself when I registered, though, so the drama was mostly silent. 🙂

  • monbaum says:

    I got in as well, also got the workshops I wanted, altho I frantically just clicked on them not thinking about when and where they were. I was at work when I registered, and I do not know anyone personally who will attend the symposium. As I live in Europe, I havent booked the flights or the hotel yet. Do you already have the hotel?

  • love your sketches! and all the great china tea cups… I was frantically clicking as well, and while doing so, thinking about all the others, whom I don't know, clicking at the same time around the world, a small world indeed. I would love to meet some fellow sketchers for breakfast (it's my 1st symposium), do you have any hotel recommendations?

  • Liz Steel says:

    hi to you all! Great news that you all got in!!! Make sure you track me down and introduce yourselves.
    Hotel recommendations are on the symp blog.

  • thanks, looking forward!

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