• Amanda says:

    Maybe it's time to really shake it up. Is there a life drawing group nearby?

  • Liz Steel says:

    Thanks for your suggestion… you are not the first one to say that to me….but really I am
    Not interested in life drawing classes… I want to draw people not bodies (if you understand my distinction) plus I get so bored by formal classes… I just want to sketch the event (this happened in NYC outdoor life drawing class…I enjoyed the short poses but then got bored and wanted to record my surroundings and the context of the class!)

  • Amanda says:

    Oops, I should have explained better. The creative ennui suggests its time to grow.

    I trained in fine art so when I'm stuck, bored, blocked, irritable with it, it's a cue to return to the life group for a while (they call it a class but usually there's no tuition). Artists draw the figure because it's hard. It's exercise.

    Good luck with the still life. That's good too. Just try making your arrangements outside your comfort zone in some way. eg that set of teapots: fifty thumbnails in three values. 🙂

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