Trip Prep 25: Itinerary Based Action List

July 6, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Whilst my trip prep book doesn¹t have many great sketches it has been a very worthwhile exercise for me to work in a book that it is process driven not
product driven.

And yet at the same time I have been experimenting with very simple and quick ways of enlivening working¹ pages. I am in the final week…so lists are all the rage. Of course I have to make sure that I make it my focus to cross things off the lists rather than just draw/write them!

My itinerary- trip details folder has been in place for a number of weeks now – filling it up as I go ­ but I need to check I have everything.

Thankfully with iphone and wifi connections, this task is not quite as important as it used to be…I find it all very tedious!

Minor disaster struck today with my work computer going dead (power supply) on me today. My itinerary summary spreadsheet was on it (started it during a lunchbreak a few weeks ago) and for some reason I had not emailed it home or
made a backup! Sigh! But thanks to a OCR procedure I was able to scan a hard copy and re-create it today… I might get my computer back by Friday but I don¹t want to leave such an important task to the last minute (ha! My definition of last minute is 3 days away from departure!?!)

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