Trip 2011: The 30 hour Journey Sydney to Newcastle

August 10, 2011 | 2 Comments

I know I should not be surprised at how many pages I filled during my journey…but I am. It is SO amazing to look back at these sketches now… been so focused on re-living the Lisbon experience that I have almost forgotten about the other parts of my trip! it seems SO long ago!


Totally crazy was the plan to work a full day and then go directly to the airport…. I always try to sketch my teapot and cup of tea the last thing before I leave and also the first thing when I get home. It is a symbol of ‘home’.

Sketching at airports makes the time disappear into thin air….

I often am too tired or suffering from a ‘start-of’holiday’headache’ to sketch very much…but this journey I have never felt better and sketched my way through it (though I do get the sketch in the plane done very early, before takeoff, so I can relax for the rest of the flight and chill. This time sketching made me realise that there was a free seat so I moved!

This time flying Etihad the flights/ time zones were different from what I was used to so I tried to work out what the different time zones were and so when I should sleep. The bar chart at the top reads from right to left. I had fun doing this – despite a few mistakes.

A simple page… I forgot about my collage strip so later I added it over the top of my text and sketch and then re-wrote/sketched.

Found the beige interiors of the Eithad planes hard to sketch… as for my fellow Urban Sketchers that do amazing fish eye perspectives… my head just started to spin when I thought about attempting that!

Nothing like some food and a good sketch to keep one feeling ok after a 24 hour flight. Met a lovely artist – her work is great – and a big of ripped collage to start the trend. Great earl grey tea but not without a story attached.

Having fun sketching people… more fun that trying to accurately sketch a over designed detail in the roof.

Final flight… enjoyed sketching this one the most. Felt so GOOD…amazing after 30 hours travelling (after a full day at work as well!)


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