TasTrip14: Prep for TMAG Hobart Workshop

May 23, 2014 | 1 Comment

Today I went to TMAG (Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery) to case the joint for next Saturday’s workshop. Although I have planned the workshop in concept, it is always exciting when I get on location and find some great subject matter for the exercises during the day.

This sketch is of the Bond Store in the courtyard…. decidedly nippy by the time I had finished it (about 11C today which is very cold for a Sydneysider) – I will doing at least one ink and wash demo during the workshop out here in the courtyard

Inside the galleries, we are not allowed to use ink (or paint) so I used pencils and then added watercolour over the top later from the comfort of a cafe table. I really love this technique. I will be sharing my approaches to line and to apply colour / capturing the light and dark quickly. Lots to draw!

I had just finished the courtyard sketch and it was 4pm… wind picking up and the sun going down but I wanted to do one more sketch – how about the exterior … sigh!  why do I do this to myself… out of control sketching! And I was cold by the end of it…

Ended up at Pilgrim Coffee (for the second time today!) for a late afternoon coffee and chocolate brownie (so out of character- I rarely buy chocolate cakes/ slices) Anyway it was very good and hit the spot.

Oh! And I also sketch the town hall building today as well (plus other stuff but I will leave something for later!)

1 Comment

  • No surprise to me to see how busy sketching you've been in the two days I've been away! I always love the tea/coffee sketches but your architectural pieces are just brilliant, always!

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