Summer Break 2015: Boxing Day Family Day

December 26, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

What was I thinking yesterday? Was I really going to have more sketching time at my full family Xmas gathering?

One of the great things about having our Xmas Day on Boxing Day is that there is cricket on the radio (and TV). I loved hanging out with my older nephews (8 and 11) today (as well as the little ones – 2 and 4). We had lots of fun watching the cricket, making predictions and disagreeing about who the best players are. We had the usual BBQ and present opening but sadly no backyard cricket as it rained this afternoon.

My sketching today was limited to seizing a few half opportunities:

  • A quick sketch on my morning walk (in holiday mode the morning walk will be a sketch&walk rather than a walk&cafe planning session)
  • A small sketch of a new cup that was a Xmas pressie – it is a McGrath Foundation Armidale cup. This was just a quick first sketch down while I grabbed a cuppa before the family all arrived.
  • My ‘freaky’ present of a tin of shortbread – my 8 yo nephew didn’t like it at all!
  • My only chance to draw the gang all day – the big boy with a chess puzzle set and the little boy’s mower. I decided to do something crazy and print these scribbles onto some bold scrapbook paper.

So did you manage to sketch this Christmas?


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