Summer 1112 Day 2 - A museum day

December 24, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Summer! 24SA_07 Hyde Park Barracks Exterior
I don’t have time to type anything…but it is all included on my pages… btw I have half filled my sketchbook in the first two days. Looking forward to my normal rest day tomorrow and then family day on Monday.
Summer! 24SA_01 Lapsang Regency Blue
Summer! 24SA_02 Map, Book and Galah
Summer! 24SA_03 Back to Martin Place
Summer! 24SA_04 Morning Tea HPB Cafe
Summer! 24SA_05 Hyde Park Barracks 1
Summer! 24SA_06 Hyde Park Barracks 2
Summer! 24SA_08 Art Gallery Lunch etc
Summer! 24SA_09 AGNSW Indigenous Art
Summer! 24SA_10 Picasso Headache Heads
I am not a fan of picasso but he does perfectly capture how I feel when I have a headache. Had fun drawing all these during the exhibition. BTW the best time to go is the last timed ticket on Christmas
Summer! 24SA_11 Picasso The Bathers
Summer! 24SA_12 Picasso Chair and Art Gallery Exterior

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