Starting with Cobalt Blue

April 17, 2024 | 4 Comments

I’m particularly interested in exploring ways of creating layered colour and texture in my work. And so last Friday as I was sipping my coffee, I started with a Cobalt Blue wash.

It’s getting cooler in the morning here in Sydney so this cool undertone just felt right.  Cobalt Blue (PB28) is such a lovely pigment to play with and a great way to start my workday.



  • Maria Bergman says:


    The texture of the tree is so beautiful! And the blues just sparkle!

  • Susan Parker says:

    Lovely use of pen or black brush pen. Love the cobalt blue shading. What pen or brush pen did you use?

  • Corinne McNamara says:

    So nice to see how you used cobalt blue! I had a cobalt blue mishap when trying to get the remaining paint from what I thought was an empty tube: it got all over everything, including hands, brush handles, desk… I rescued as much as I could, making a wash big enough to tone a dozen papers.

  • Jamie C says:

    So beautiful with those under layers of cobalt!!

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