SketchingNow Adventure: Balmain

January 9, 2015 | 2 Comments

Today I started my SketchingNow adventures again – this week it was Balmain. For various reasons, the high temperature of the day being an important one, I didn’t make a full day of it and in fact, only did one ‘real’ sketch!

The last few weeks of my Foundations course are devoted to location sketching principles which I want to demonstrate out on the streets. These are a lot more involved than the videos I film myself at home – the ones today took up most of the morning for me and my wonderful assistant! Just before I left to head home for a late lunch, I sat on the pavement at the intersection of Darling and Nicholson St and sketched this lovely sandstone building on the corner – OddFellows Hall.

 There is so much to sketch in Balmain – that I hope to come back soon and sketch all day!


  • Karen says:

    Every day I come over to see what you did. I love your loose way of drawing and of using ink and watercolours. Tomorrow I'll have to go outside myself and draw (Koosje Koene told me so…). I'm a bit reluctant, but I guess there's a first time for everything (I just did your tea-cup drawing in 'Seeing', I never went outside to sketch a building). And after that I'll come back here to see where you went. Love it. Thanks.

  • dulcy says:

    Beautiful drawings. Spent yesterday sketching and eating out with friends. You're very inspirational!

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