Seven Coloured Ink Sketch (or was it eight?)

January 7, 2015 | 2 Comments

I seem to be loading up a different fountain pen with a new colour of the De Atramentis Document Ink every day … yesterday it was a mixed light green (I wanted it to be lighter) and a mixed magenta and grey (I wanted an Australian maroon but simply put some magenta into a pen that had had grey in it). I then realised that I had all the colours for my single rose tea cosy and the knitted texture would be perfect to play with line and colour. I have listed 7 different colours on the side, but I think that there is a little dark blue in there too.

There is a lot of crazy stuff happening as I tried to mix the ink and watercolour together. I put paint over the ink before it dried and then drew into the wet paint with ink. The pigments in DeA must be so fine that they float – creating blooms of colour. Fun fun fun!

Now I realise that the exciting part of this ink range is that they are permanent so why I trying to make them run and go crazy? A good question!


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