TasTrip14: Preparing for QVMAG workshop

June 6, 2014 | 1 Comment

I was in the Queen Victoria Museum Inveresk this morning looking for subjects for tomorrow’s workshop     

I  spent some time out in the wonderful courtyard – it is a fresh day today but so stunning in the sun. I am hoping that we get a lovely sunny afternoon. Lots of inspiration to be had tomorrow!

There are a lot of very interesting objects to sketch inside the galleries – and I will be sharing the techniques that are the core concepts behind the way I sketch. The way I combine some fundamental drawing approaches to be able to sketch in a spontaneous way.

I then caught up with local sketcher (and sketchbook skooler) Vicki for lunch and then headed back to the Chalmers Church- that building is so amazing. I just love its form and its decayed state only adds to its charm.

Oh- earlier this morning I had a great almond croissant at Sweet Brew. I was very thankful that I know have pocket palette and carry some additional colours with me… some times you just need some new gamboge!

1 Comment

  • Your pages are always wonderful and cover the gamut of the most mundane to the most interesting of subjects and you make them all look amazing. I adore that railcar! Beautiful perspective.

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