Additional brands of Potter's Pink

June 24, 2022 | 7 Comments

I frequently get asked why I like Potter’s Pink and how to use it – including during this week’s Watercolour course livestream. And as I’ve been testing two new brands of the colour lately I thought it was time to share more about this wonderful and often misunderstood pigment.

The main description of ‘the why’ can be found in this article – so I won’t repeat all the reasons here. Please visit that article if you haven’t used PP before or have been frustrated by its weakness.

In essence, I love how it granulates and enables me to ‘pastel’-ise colours without adding water or an opaque pigment such as Buff Titanium.

It IS a very weak pigment and so you have to work hard to pick up enough to achieve juicy washes. But it produces some very special pigment parties – particularly for skin mixes (see this article).

BTW I have been using Potter’s Pink since 2011!

Recently I’ve been testing Aquarius paints and I’ve been liking their Potter’s Pink. And the conversation in the livestream this week reminded me that I was super impressed with the Deep Deep Light version. So I thought I would do a few quick swatches!

I’m really liking the hue of the Aquarius version – a lovely pastel pink. And the DDL version is very granulating.

I carved out some of the Aquarius into a half-pan so that I can put it in my normal palette on my desk. And I’m putting the DDL in my everyday palette that I take out with me everywhere.

And I’ve started a new colour book! This is a book dedicated to colour mixing and tests. I’ve filled 3 or 4 colour books over the years but it’s been a while since I’ve had an active colour book. This is a 7×10 spiral Alpha.

Stay tuned for further thoughts as I start using these new brands.



  • Martine says:

    I really like the aquarius potters pink over the WN potters pink. It’s just less hard work to pick up paint. But now I see the results of the deep deep light and that’s very interesting too….oooh, choices!

  • Tricia says:

    The Aquarius is my favorite version — love the very pinky color. I’ve been carving out my Aquarius paint into half pans too. Some have come out cleanly, some are an absolute mess haha. Tip for anyone wanting to try — putting pan in the freezer for a bit before you try to scoop it out helps sometimes.

  • Valerie Lavine says:

    Truly appreciate your guidance–thanks! Is “Deep deep light” Potter’s Pink a new Roman Szmal version? Haven’t been able to find it on Jackson’s…

    • Valerie Lavine says:

      Oh crumb– nevermind! I’m a dummy: you were of course referring to the LINE of watercolors you posted about last October. ?

  • Frieda Kamstra says:

    I like the PP from Schmincke. It picks up very easily!

  • Jamie C says:

    I’d be interested in knowing when and how, what subjects, you typically use PP in. You mention skin tones, and I think you use it for buildings, too? Anything other subject matter where it is a go to color?

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