Perth: Hanging out with the local USKers

March 14, 2018 | 4 Comments

Getting back to my Perth sketches and adventures …

After my first day with Lynne, I had two great days hanging out with the local sketchers – Urban Sketchers Perth.

For the first outing we went to Fremantle – called Freo by the locals. There is a LOT to sketch in the historic centre of town but I decided to start sketching the Town Hall.

I edited out the yellow ‘paint’ on the top of the tower because it didn’t do anything for my sketch, even though it was part of a very cool installation. It all made sense when viewed at the other end of the main street.

Here are two more photos showing the weird yellow shapes on the buildings. I couldn’t help but think this was a great demonstration of the abstraction and foreshortening that happens when we sketch.

I did a second sketch of a corner building and then attempted a third, but my Sailor pen wasn’t flowing, so I abandoned it.

Here is the gang…

and here are the sketches.

I finished off the day by this quick line drawing of the shopping strip in Subiaco, the suburb where I was staying.

The next day we had a cafe-crawl. Starting at Greens & Co in Leederville.

It was so much fun just to chill out in a cafe for a little while.

It was good to warm up for OneWeek100People and to realise how out of practice I was!

And at 12 noon we headed to Pearth Organic kitchen where Lynne and the researcher from UWA were doing an interview for their workplace design project. But first we needed lunch!

Here we are sketching after we had eaten.

My sketch of the view plus the amazing Matcha Oreo slice.

It was then time for the researcher to interview the owner and Lynne to do her sketch of it. I had left my phone behind in the house on this day, so rather than take a photo of this I had to sketch it didn’t I? Here is a great article on Lynne’s residency.

We finished the day at the Sunset Markets at Scarborough with Aggie.

Seeing the sunset like this is special for an east coaster, and there were some amazing food markets for dinner.

Here is a very quick line drawing I did to record the place.

And a photo of the gang.

It was SO wonderful and meet and sketch with some of the local sketchers.

A special thanks to Fay and Aggie for organising the various USK events – there was still one more sketching event scheduled but I will leave that for my next article.



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