HIghlights from my trip to Melbourne in September - Part 2

December 6, 2013 | 1 Comment

More sketches from a week in Melbourne 2013 – the reason for the trip was running two workshops. So sketchbook is a ‘working book’ – sketching during workshops, working out ideas while casing the joint and relaxation sketches as I felt like it in between. Was a crazy week.

To start… another Flinders St Station!


Crazy sketch of Federation Square – I am not a fan of the design as an architect but it is fun to sketch – no doubt about that at all.


Unscheduled coffee (or tea in my case) with Marguerite at Stoke House Cafe. Love seeing my granulating paint mixes go crazy on the page. Quick lunchtime sketch in the rain with some of the Melbourne sketchers in the rain using a watersoluble pens- the Windsor Hotel

Saturday with the Melbourne sketchers at St Kilda. The angry face of Luna Park and the Palais Theatre nearby

Quick sketch inside Luna Park and a huge mistake (for me) of Flinders St Station. This was intended as a sketch for my friends but I didn’t set up the main grid for the building and got lost with the cornices (coloured yellow) I always sketch complex architecture very systematically…but this morning I was very tired and got myself in a mess.

Monday visit to Woodend area included breakfast at the Village Larder and then a visit to Red beard bakery in Trentham….

Where we had Vanilla Slice (I know the Vanilla Slice in Woodend is famous but well it just didn’t work for us timing wise!) A little child minding (or distraction) included sketch a bear…

Morning Tea x 2 in the one morning! Very quick sketch of some of the buildings on Nelson St Williamstown

Final sketch on the Easyjet flight home – very loose sketch and i had a lot of fun pushing the boundaries of how loose and quickly I could paint it.
Full set on flickr (includes the working pages from the workshops as well)

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