Greenwood Journal Volume 2

December 8, 2021 | 2 Comments

Last week I finished my second Greenwood Journal... and I’m still completely obsessed with this brand of sketchbook/notebook. (See why here)

This book contains sketches from my walks since the beginning of October – mostly from Lane Cove National Park with a few Davidson Park sketches as well. All of the sketches have been done with sepia ink, watercolour coloured pencils and Copic markers. (See this article for exact selection of pencils and markers) 

This is a very special sketchbook to me for a number of reasons:

  • It feels amazing to have a sketchbook that spans nearly two months. This is a long period of time for me as most of my sketchbooks (8×10 Alpha softcover) are currently being completed in approx 3 weeks. It is nice to be able to flip through this book and think about how things have changed since early October.
  • This is the most consistent sketchbook I’ve even filled – ie. all the sketches are done with the same medium.
  • It’s unusual for me to have a sketchbook with little text and little design. Although you will notice that I still varied the placement and composition of the sketch and the position of text – so there is still design happening!
  • Most importantly, this sketchbook represents something special – the consistent habit I’ve built of walking in the bush each weekday. Note: My Saturday morning walks have fallen by the wayside – the traffic has gotten so much heavier since things opened up that it’s harder to get to Davidson Park.
  • Another important thing that this sketchbook represents is a new kit and approach to sketching while walking. I’ve previously struggled a little to come up with a solution for a sketch & walk kit – it needs to be compact and easy to use standing up. This book, the markers and pencils contained within my walkit bag are a winning combo!

Here are a few sketches from this book.

Davidson Park

Paddy Palin Reserve

Lane Cove


  • mona says:

    Beautiful! For the past two years I’ve been walking my neighborhood near daily with just a pocket sketchbook (9×14), a Kaweco pen with black ink, and a waterbrush with diluted grey ink. You’ve inspired me to cut a few color pencils in half and stick those in my pocket as well. Thanks for sharing your pages!

  • Jamie C says:

    I’m so inspired by this book, with its dedicated medium, and style, and subject matter. Such a beautiful place to be able to visit each day!

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