Friday marker sketches - morning and afternoon and printing time doodle

September 7, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Sitting on the gutter sketching before work….

Here is a more adventurous sketch. This is all a little too much and too bright for me…although everything looks wonderfully crisp this morning.

The sky is probably a big factor in the whole sketch…Eduardo suggested I could do the sky in watercolour… ah! mix the two, doesn’t that sound fun!!!!

The orange dots are how I am coping with the bleed throughs – they hold the inbetween spreads together…so yes, going through this sketchbook a little too quickly!!!)

Big deadline today but I had to wait for a drawing to plot before I could do anything else, so I explored adding a layer of little warm grey to some colours to tone it down.

A building that is a big part of my life but I have never sketched it (actually, you know I have never sketched my home from the front, or my church on location.. hmm, another reminder that blogging is a partial glimpse of someone’s life)… where was I…

oh! the gym! I am trying to be very focused on exercise and food at the moment. SO it is great to be able to start the weekend with a Friday night gym visit.

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