Last week: Recording Life

February 22, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

So what can I say about my sketches this week?

There is always something new to think about, but I will be brief this week.

  • The opening sketch was from Saturdays cafe planning visit and I really enjoy sketching like this. It is very exploratory both in terms of line and shape – suggestive rather than descriptive. This is exactly what I want my sketches of everyday (‘boring’) subjects to be all about.
  • Each day last week I recorded one story and I feel like it is a good representation of my week.
  • Interesting that I have been really wanting to record in text how much I achieved of my work each day. I only rarely hinted at my work tasks/achievements when I worked in an architect’s office but as everything is so integrated these days (ie. my work is my life and vice versa! Not quite totally, but a very great proportion life=work) it seems a natural thing to record.
  • Behind the scenes last week, I have been doing people sketching reading and watching. Suhita Shirodkar’s wonderful new Craftsy course, and Lynne Chapman’s great book. I am doing some sketches (just for me) in my back pages and a separate book, and will share more later.


Ok… here are the pages…



And just to finish, here is a cool photo taken of me by the owner of The Missing Piece Cafe from Saturday and posted to Instagram. The staff at that cafe are amazing! I love the way the owner says to his staff “Table 22 needs some love”. They certainly look after their customers!

So what have you been up to in the last week – anything different?

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